14 November 2019  
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WITH - SOME OF THE BEST SUSPENSION TALENT in the industry, has been thoroughly researching, designing, race testing and manufacturing "BOLT ON" CAMBER, CASTER & TOE adjustment kits for mass produced automobiles since the early 1970's.

THE KITS REDUCE UNEVEN, PREMATURE TYRE WEAR, improve traction and high speed directional directional stability, plus allow ongoing adjustment for accident damage, kerb knocks or race / rally settings.

REDUCECostly / premature / uneven tire wear.INCREASETraction and high speed directional stability.
REDUCEDive / lift on brake / acceleration. BETTERSteering response / quicker turn in. 
ESSENTIALIf altering height, load carrying or wide ALLOWOngoing adjustment for accident 
 expensive low profile tyres are fitted. damage, curb knocks or street / race.

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