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True Flow foam filters, designed to give you the best combination of filtration and airflow, represent the latest advance in air filtration technology for automobiles.

Because foam is a full depth filter even as dirt is being stopped, airflow can continue at a high rate by simply going around the trapped dirt. Unlike paper and gauze filters, foam filters will continue to perform well as the filter gets dirty. With its lifetime warranty True Flow foam filters are washable and reusable to give any automobile a lifetime of great filtration and performance.


  1. Foam is a two part polyurethane (soft durable plastic) material.
  2. While it looks very thick, it is actually more than 90% air.
  3. The interlocking cells trap dirt through the entire volume of the filter.
  4. Foam oil is actually a combination of oil, a flame retardant, and a non- drying glue that under normal conditions will last up to 50,000 miles.
  5. When properly washed foam will look and be as clean as new.
  6. True Flow foam filters will not void factory warranty.

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