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The Spider™ performance system from Diesel Tuner™ the next phase in diesel tuning technology is now available in New Zealand. MORE INFORMATION IN THE NEWS SECTION.

The Spiderâ„¢
The Spiderâ„¢
The Spider™ performance system from Diesel Tuner™ is the next phase in diesel tuning technology. Many Companies offer a tuning package but none are as unique as the Spider™ in its functions and capabilities. Its first attribute is the design build. From the computer built circuitry, surface mounted components, quality microprocessor and anodized aluminium enclosure, this is no normal plug and play device.

 Compliment this with our "Multi Ignition Map Technology"™, our exclusive improved algorithm map software which constantly refers to pre-programmed ignition maps specific to your engine, and combine with our new RPM detection which monitors your engines RPM (other Companies systems are simply boosting fuel delivery pressure pro rata at all times as the device has no idea what speed the engine is at). Then give it the ability to switch between sports mode, and economy mode. This means the system will automatically switch into economy mode when the car is being driving lightly, (eg when the wife borrows it), and then when hard acceleration is applied, it will switch back into performance mode within 0.25 seconds. The Spider™ diesel tuning system also benefits from a short program delay which is designed to help prevent over fuelling and smoke issues when the vehicle is started from cold.

 The Spider™ tuning system can be installed by anyone and no special knowledge is required. Installation in most cases is made simple by the use of original equipment connectors which allow you to plug the system in-line with your engines existing plugs. Once installed the engine is started and left on tickover for 60 seconds. In this first minute, the Spider™ will automatically detect your cars sensor control voltage and will switch accordingly. Next the auto calibration stage is completed. This is where the system will detect and monitor your injection system for a pre-determined time and auto calibrate.

Then incorporate the ability to swap between separate ignition maps to adapt to your driving style, easy interface for customer adjustment (where applicable) with a full 3 year product warranty.



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