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There are some pretty impressive installs in the ICE industry today, but VIBE'S latest project has surpassed them all.

The walk through VIBE bass tunnel is made up of over 140 speakers, subs and amps and creates the audio industries best interactive show experience!

VIBE have put in over 1,000 man hours, used 3,500 ft of cabling, and spent over ?150,000 to produce this amazing 15ft high bass arctic.

Providing over 35,000 watts the 40+ MonoBox, BlackBox amplifiers and Deltabox controllers power the impressive new VIBE series of mid range and Subs. Over 40 award winning 15" Space Subs make up the actual walk way, complimented by over 50 SA-K, BlackHex, BlackAir and QB speakers providing a truly mind blowing sound experience.

Thousands of people dared to walk through the monster install at Max Power London after its launch by Adam Rayner. The gorgeous VIBE girls Gemma and Nicola braved the tunnel along with 'Page 3' girls, 'Max Power' babes and the stunners from 'Raunch' magazine. The tunnel will be featured in many of the leading magazines in the New Year.

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